You have the right

to a strong defense.

You have constitutional rights that should be protected.  Misdemeanors and felony convictions come with their own lifetime effects on your life.  Some convictions can affect your right to own firearms or ammunition, some can make it much harder to find a job.  With Phillips & Andreas PLLC on your side, we can explain all these possible outcomes to you and help you make an informed decision. 




Straight probation - A guilty plea in which you are found guilty and sentenced to a term of probation.  Should you not follow the rules of probation a motion to revoke your probation will be filed and jail time or other options will be presented as punishment.


Deferred adjudication - A guilty plea is entered by the defendant but the judge does not find the person guilty.  If the person is successful for their term of probation then there is never a finding of guilt.  However, the arrest will always be on your record, just not a conviction.


Pre-trial diversion - A guilty plea is entered by the defendant but the judge does not find the person guilty at that time.  If the person successfully completes the probation then the case is dismissed and there is no conviction.  At this point the defendant can have his records expunged and no arrest or conviction will show up. 

In a perfect world the Texas criminal justice system will prosecute and punish only the guilty.  We do not live in a perfect world and no one who has ever been falsely accused of a crime would say that we did.  If you are facing criminal charges in Livingston, Polk County, TX and want to know what your options are let Phillips & Andreas PLLC help.  While we cannot change the facts of your case we can tell your story and make sure that law enforcement did their job correctly.